Pinterest Interests

Does anyone not use Pinterest for projects these days? Lately, I find it is all I have to look at, and I am overloaded with ideas for my next project. Today, I am going to post a few of those projects up here on this blog. If it inspires you, do it! And then send me an email letting me know how it went, and include some pictures! I love home remodeling pictures! It feeds my idea generation machine.

Whether you DIY, or hire out, these will leave your home looking awesome! Here are four projects ranging from easy, do it today projects, to serious construction projects:

If you are new to DIY(Do it Yourself), start with something easy, like a pillow.

  1. A pillow that says hello:


This simple project will get you in the DIY spirit! It is easy enough that you could accomplish it in one day, from sourcing the materials, to finished project. If you want to start small, do something like this. But maybe you are not a fan of pillows…

2. A frame that says wow:


Another simple project to keep you going! This frame really had a great makeover. It adds some flair to the bland room. While a frame may not be the center piece of your room, remember, the devil is in the details! This project will help keep your DIY spirit alive and keep you on a roll. But now onto something quite a bit different, but still involving paint…

3. A themed room:


This room really brings a whole new meaning to someone who says they like the color red. It looks great, but can take a lot of planning. Don’t worry, that is a good thing. Because this can help bone up your planning skills for bigger projects! Since there is no construction taking place, you can start to figure out what type of work pace is comfortable for you. This will help you to estimate the time cost of bigger projects and give you an appreciation for the work that goes into them. This project can also be pieced together as your budget allows, meaning it will keep scratching that DIY itch! But now, it is time for a serious project…

4. Under stairwell lounge/storage


How can you not love something like this? I fall for these cozy types of projects every time. Not only is it an efficient use of space, it adds some major cool points to your home! However, this is a serious project meant only for experts. You will be cutting into sheetrock, and working around structural pieces. Do not attempt this if you do not know what you are doing. You can possibly hurt yourself or someone else. But keep working on projects and some day you will be ready!

I hope you were able to try at least one project in this article. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!