Decorative Painting 101: Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fantastic technique used to make stunning statements in any space without having to hang art on walls. It often involves matching contrasting shades, or colors you would not always combine, to develop bold focal points. If you fancy geometric effects and bright colors, this trend is the one for you. Look at some of the color blocking ideas for your walls that will totally blow you away.

decorative painting color blockingHalfway along the Wall

One of the simplest ways to use the color-blocking technique on your room’s walls is simply to maintain the walls with a white or neutral color and then select a bright or significantly darker color to stain halfway up along the wall. Painting experts guide you on how to do it with gray, while charm and sugar demonstrate how to work through it with brighter colors like yellow and pink.

Touch the Ceiling

Nobody ever mentioned that you have to limit your color blocking to the walls alone. You can use a similar effect to develop an impressive looking framed space for your bed. Alternatively, you can use color blocking on smaller scales. By doing so, you would be reducing the amount of surface visually hidden.

Triangular and Geometric Inspiration

One of the most exciting things about color-blocked walls is that you are free to apply your creativity when developing lines and shapes. For instance, a workspace featuring funky looking shapes in dark and light creates a triangular and geometric look. The same effect comes bout with different colors.

Getting Slightly Rectangular

The other ideal option to go for is painting out a rectangular shape on your surface to highlight a given space. A fantastic example of a plain white wall in the living room is Vintage Revivals. Ideally, MobelPobel utilizes a similar idea to highlight the shelved areas on the walls of a home office. However, an alternative to vertical rectangles that are color blocked is making it horizontally stretch across the room or space in question.

Arches, Ovals, and Waves

Do you under any circumstances feel a little funkier concerning the designs and shapes you can develop? These possibilities to go for are endless. Beginning with the Design Chaser, you will notice fantastic geometric oval shapes that utilize a darker purple surface to represent an overlapping view. You can as well use color blocking to enhance the illusion of archways on the spaces above your doors. However, for a seaside inspiration, developing a design made to imitate waves is a fantastic alternative to straight lines.

Do not forget the Door

There is absolutely no reason to limit the color-blocking design to your walls and ceilings alone. Doors can be perfect focal points of bold and bright colors when the rest of the room is neutral. A teal and green door visually transforms the space and gives it a tropical feel. Additionally, you can leave half of the door neutral and brightly color the other half. You can apply this on the upper part of the door and vice versa.